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21 Incredible Photos of African-Americans in the 1930s and 1940s

Gees Bend AL 1937

Jessica Pearson's look is always on point in the TV series Suits - portrayed by actress Gina Torres #naturalhair #latina #afrolatina

9. Traverse City Iris Farm, 8 acres of the most beautiful flowers all blomming at once ... and they let you pick them! Google Image Result for

21 Horrific Stories of Slavery They Never Reported In The Mainstream Media (Slide #1) - Blackbeat


George Washington Carver who is known as one of America’s greatest scientist was born into slavery sometime in 1864. Carver was stripped of his dignity and manhood as a boy, he was castrated by the man who owned him. He became a house servant and he was going to spend a majority of time in the house, the owner didn’t want him to rape his daughter, so he took away his ability to mature into a full functioning adult male.


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