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Protein pancakes are easy. You need 4 basic ingredients: milk, yogurt, eggs and ground oats. All four are rich in protein and make a great pancake mix, the trick is to let it soak. Classic pancakes are easy to make as long as you use a ton of fat....


AdvoCare MRS Apple Pie (Meal Replacement Shake) For more information or if you have any questions?! email me at or visit my website: #advocare #24daychallenge #mealreplacementshake

Sick of catching colds and viruses? Forget eating an apple a day, drink a green smoothie a day instead and improve your family's health.


Looking for a way to quench that taste for a Carmel Macchiato, but without all the calories? In fact, this version is Healthy-Good For Ya! 10-12oz of water - 1 AdvoCare Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake - 1 AdvoCare Coffeccino - 1oz sugar free caramel syrup - mix together in a shaker cup and serve over ice! Benefits: 290 cal. , 27g of easily digestible proteins, 8g fiber, and over 26 vitamins and minerals.