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3 ways to make brands beautiful

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Hopenhagen Portraits Spliced

2009 | UN Copenhagen Climate Change conference, has released an advertising campaign featuring spliced portraits collated by photographer John Clang. Print advertisements and a stop motion short film convey the message: “6.8 billion people. One Voice."

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11 Powerful Environmental Ads

climit change poster. the world melting like an ice cream grabs attention well because you doing really rhink the world is melting like that evening thoughn you are told the world is melting

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5 outdoor posters guaranteed to grab attention

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Inspirational Poster Ads from Across the Globe

BOYCOTT Circuses that have live animals! The cruelty they endure is beyond imagination. So, so sad.

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Peace campaign: "Words kill wars" | advertising. Werbung. publicité | Ad: ADOT.COM |

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Been really inspired by the advertising campaign you have done to introduce more wildlife into the garden. We recently created this wildlife wall with mainly recycled materials. If any of your followers would like to see how we created this we thought a blog would come in useful. Thank you for supporting the great wildlife Submitted by: Ryan forshaw, At home, Lancashire

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