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Adversarial System

Adversarial system In England and Wales, the system of justice for both civil and criminal cases is an adversarial system. In criminal cases, the court doesn’t need to decide what the real truth is about an event. It’s job is to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’...

"If Putin disgusts us so much, then why are we and the USA happy to do business with Erdogan, and also to fawn upon Saudi Arabia and China?" - Peter Hitchens


Attorney general says racial equality threatened in subtle ways

Attorney general says racial equality threatened in subtle ways. What about minority public racial utterances? From so called minority 'leaders'? So teachers fight to get into inner city schools? Hazard areas rate hazardous pay.What about equality for all not just racial? Again promoting the adversarial system. Compare to KKK 20s/30s, w/roles reversed.Hazard areas rate hazardous pay. What about just equality for all as opposed to 'racial' equality?

High legal fees - costs - are one of the features of an adversarial system and one of the reasons people chose to use forms of ADR such as Mediation instead of going to court. In this Divorce case the parties spent nearly a third of the assets in legal fees - much to the judge's annoyance.

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Shared custody: why play happy families when it can be dangerous?

"If the majority of separated/divorced parents are to have part-time custody, will they both get housing allowance sufficient for accommodation for the child?"

William Garrow one of the most important figures in British history, in terms of the justice system.