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In a land of Leon and a time of Leon, the destiny of a great Leon rests on the shoulders of a young Leon. His name? Leon.



Marshall never left Fionna and then almost committed suicide and then expected her to be with him and get married. So I understand this statement lol

These Blueprints Expose The Innards Of Your Favorite Fictional Robots

Take a closer look at the workings of androids, cyborgs, and giant mechanical beasts with this collection of technical—but fictional—illustrations. Everyone from the lowliest droid to the most murderous Termintor breaks down to hydraulics and wire.


Just to scare people and to get quickly to your destination, drive like our loved Mosad liaison, Ziva.


Hustle - if you love all things British like I do, you're going to adore this show! it doesn't hurt that the main character, Mickey Bricks, Adrian Lester is HOT! I melt every time he breaks the fourth wall...


Deadventure Time (The Walking Dead & Adventure Time Crossover) Full Color 11 x 17 Print

Bless fan fiction and fan art, both of which indulge us with all sorts of ridiculous, awesome crossovers. Like this Ocarina of Adventure Time collaboration by Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez, for example.