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Cocktail Friday: Blood orange cosmopolitan

The amazing technicolour cocktail: Blood orange Cosmopolitan | Supergolden Bakes


7 Advantages of an Alcohol Stove

Blood Orange Margarita #drinks #cocktails #alcohol


Did you know? Caffeinated alcoholic beverages and energy drinks mixed with alcohol can double your risk of being hurt or injured, riding with an intoxicated driver, being taken advantage of sexually or taking advantage of another sexually.

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Smirnoff White Grape Cosmo

Smirnoff White Grape Cosmo (1 1/2 ounce(s) Smirnoff White Grape Vodka 1/4 ounce(s) triple sec 2 ounce(s) cranberry juice 1 ounce(s) lemon-lime soda 1 squeeze lemon wedge)


The Advantages & Disadvantages of Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

Cosmopolitan cocktail The Cosmopolitan was made famous by Sex and the City but it's always been a winner with us! We're sure you'll love our version of this classic cocktail recipe - The Cosmo!


It is no secret that alcohol can quickly and quietly contribute to a burgeoning waistline. A typical night out can mean thousands of extra liquid calories, even if you go out with the best of intentions. How many times have you said, “Okay, just one more?” Not to mention the late-night food cravings that can then take advantage of your alcohol-weakened resolve. But do not fret, low calorie alcoholic drinks at your favorite bars and restaurants do exist, without you having to ask for…

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New Study: Drinking Makes You Look More Attractive

New Study: Drinking Makes You Look More Attractive: You’ve probably experienced—or at least heard of—the common phenomenon where people appear more attractive after you’ve had a few drinks (aka beer goggles). Well, a new study from the journal of Alcohol and Alcoholism looked at the phenomenon from a new perspective—which you may be able to use to your advantage.

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How Even Moderate Drinking May Negatively Affect Your Brain

When should you capitalize cocktail and food names? Learn when to capitalize bloody mary, daiquiri, manhattan, french fries, swiss cheese and other food and drink names.