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Adrian Cronauer

Rest in peace Robin Williams. One of the most inspirational and funniest people in the world. A man who could make everyone smile and have the kindest heart. I'll miss you so much. Such a legend RIP. 08/11/14

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Robin Williams: A Life In Pictures

Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987. | Robin Williams: A Life In Pictures

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Robin Williams : Good Morning Vietnam.


The actor shone in his role as Adrian Cronauer, an irreverent radio DJ stationed in Vietnam during the war, in 1987 film 'Good Morning Vietnam'.

Academy Award winner Robin Williams shakes up 1965 Saigon as irreverent, non-conformist deejay Adrian Cronauer. Imported by the army for an early a.m. radio show, Cronauer blasts the formerly staid, sanitized airwaves with a constant barrage of rapid-fire humour and the hippest tunes from back home. The G.I.s love him – but the top brass is outraged. Riddled with side-splitting comic bombshells and studded with hot ’60s hits, the film depicts Cronauer’s raucous Saigon adventures and a world…


'You're only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it' Robin Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor in a leading role for the 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam, in which he played Airman Second Class Adrian Cronauer, a radio DJ.

Hearing of Robin Williams' death was, for me, truly sad. I loved the roles he played and my favourite was Adrian Cronauer, a DJ for the US Armed Forces Services Radio in Good Morning Vietnam ...