Adele: One and Only

Adele. I love this woman. Funny, self-confident and a totally amazing voice. May the pressure of fame never change her.

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Makeup artist finally revealed Adele's routine, so we tried it out for ourselves

Makeup vlogger Lisa Eldridge met up with Adele’s makeup artist Michael Ashton after her viewers begged for a tutorial on Adele’s signature look. Micheal admits that the key to his success for Adele is lashes and eyeliner and, we can’t deny, it is the most satisfying thing to watch him in action. Find out how to get this Glastonbury headliner's signature look.

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Adele. I think she's crazy beautiful, her skin, her eyes, cheekbones!? Not to mention her voice!

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Adele being one of my most favorite musicians (and also my celebrity doppelganger) I had to repin. You can see how her different looks really change the shape of her eyes.

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How To Make Your Eyes Look more expressive

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