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How the troubled young Miss Adkins became the Adele we know and love

She punched the boy who inspired her first hit, detested the father who deserted her and turned childhood trauma and teenage heartbreak into her signature tunes. The new Adele biography...


Wonderful pic of Fred Astaire and his sister 'before Ginger there was Adele'. Wonderful new biography of them both. See my review


The Queen's private family album: Candid footage taken by Her Majesty

As close as two sisters could ever be: Elizabeth, left, and Margaret were never happier th...


Lives of the Mitford sisters were more scandalous than Downton Abbey

The six daughters - Nancy, Pam, Diana, Unity, Decca and Debo - born to Lord Redesdale and his wife Sydney, were the Kardashians of their day in terms of the public interest their antics aroused.