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Add Pop Up Blocker

from The Cornerstone

The top 3 questions teachers ask me about classroom tech

There are a handful of questions I can count on being asked at least once at every school in which I do instructional technology coaching. I'm sure many of you have the same issues, so I thought I'd share the answers here on the blog for you all, too! How to show YouTube videos at…


The iconic Michael Kors Sunglasses s, why not pop along to your nearest Valli Opticians, we can even add your prescription lenses if you wish. Image Source

from Epicurious

How to Add to Your Ad Blocker's Whitelist

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Adblock Notifies Users of Update With What Looks Like a Pop-up Ad - Social Songbird

If you can see annoying pop ups in your Safari Browser then stop it immediately with Ablock Plus ad blocker.


Email Advertising Cons: Low Response Rate-less than 1% of people click on it, and pop-up blockers.