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Add disorder

Attachment disorder...Seeking help does not make you weak; avoiding help keeps you a child forever in this cycle.

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7 Comprehensive Resources for Organizing Adults With ADHD

A Mind Map, created in PowerPoint, that works as a poster or as a mini presentation that could be used as part of staff training or to build awareness. This list of difficulties is not exhaustive but is a flavour of some of the issues that can affect students with ADHD.

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The Difference Between ADD and ADHD

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Adult ADD: Why Our Minds Are Hyperactive

By the time most ADHDers are adolescents, their physical hyperactivity is hidden. But it's there and it still impairs the ability to engage in the moment, listen to other people, and relax enough to fall asleep. Even when an ADDer takes meds, he may not be able to make use of his becalmed state. He's still driven forward. By adolescence, most ADDers have acquired the social skills necessary to cover up that they're not present.

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sensory processing disorder | WHAT IS SENSORY INTEGATION DISORDER?

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10 Life-Changing Cleaning & Organizing Tips For People With ADD

Cleaning the house is one of the most time consuming things in a mother’s life. It doesn’t help that while we clean, we also usually have kids running after us making messes or trying to steal our cleaning tools. That’s why I’ve compiled these house clean

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