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Adam Ondra (born February 5, 1993 in Brno) is a Czech rock climber. He also participates in sport climbing and bouldering competitions...

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The only incorrect one is that Adam is still in hell. He died when Castiel 'molotoved' his body to send away Michael for a brief amount of time in Swan Song. He's in Heaven.

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Details for the interiors of Derby House (26 Grosvenor Square) by Robert and James Adam. Published 1777

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Earth Manipulation

He became engulfed in the leaves of the earth, fearing he may never get out of it's grasp, he just let go, let go of his resistance, and excepted defeat, suddenly she came to save him, and that my friends, is how a true hero excepts his death.

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you can tell me there is someone sexier than Matt Damon, and I wouldnt believe you. Ever. For me...this is as good as it gets.

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Family Medical History Toolkit

family medical history tree | missing details are less dangerous than wrong information that could

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