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Adam And Eve Locations

from Foursquare

The Adam and Eve gastro pub located in Noho is a homey and happily affordable London pub with an excellent food offering. Close to the notoriously busy Oxford Street, Adam and Eve offers a delicious getaway from the crowds and tourists and a perfect after work drinks spot in London. The Adam and Eve looks of a traditional local British pub from the outside, but the inside provides a contemporary atmosphere and quirky personality with London icons adorning the walls such as Michael Caine.


Artwork: Adam and Eve after the fal Artist: DORÉ, Gustave Date: 1866 Technique: Aquarelle and gouache on paper Location: Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg

Image from the Holkham Bible Picture Book of c.1320-30, depicting Adam digging and Eve spinning. The angel, with fiery sword, guards the buttressed gatehouse of Paradise, with its portcullis and 13th-century hinges. Eve sits spinning in order to make clothes (as the Anglo-Norman caption notes). The presence of a spindle may suggest she is spinning flax rather than wool. Adam digs the virgin soil painfully with naked foot. Eve sits under some kind of cover in the bleak

Time slips away from us, Adam. I can feel his wrath and my own terrible guilt. I hide my nakedness for I am ashamed and the serpent hisses, suckling at my breast. I want to hold you in these last few moments of faltering Paradise. You are my heart, dear Adam. I cannot ask for your forgiveness, but your love before the end - surely I can beg for that?