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What Black Butler character are you?

I got: Ciel! What Black Butler character are you? You shut out the world when you suffer from tragedy. You are very kind to new people unless they are rude. Like Ciel, you are very fond of bossing around your demon burtler o~o

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New Hysterical Minds Release: Empathy

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More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception

More Optical Illusions To Test Your Perception | Empathic Perspectives ☆

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ACT tutoring package of 8 sessions

Enjoy 15% off while offer lasts! - This package includes 8 hours of individual instruction in SAT test preparation. Included in the package is analysis of prior score reports of prior ACT test results (if available). Training plan will be designed for the individual student and strategies will be taught to support the student's score objective. (conditions may change) #WTpack #Classes #Tutor

{Patrick} (OPEN) I stood in the forensics lab, looking over some evidence from a crime scene. I ran a DNA test on a blood stained shirt and printed out the result. I looked at it and sighed. I looked at a small piece of evidence under a microscope when I hear the lab door open.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Personality Quiz - Which 'Once Upon A Time' Land Are You From? I got neverland!


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DIY Hair: 10 Ways to Dye Mermaid Hair

Ombre teal to pale green hair.. the teal color in the middle of her hair is the color I want for the wedding, as long as it matches the teal hue we go with.. I want a color between the dark teal and light turquoise. .


ANS or Autonomic Nervous System acts as a control system of peripheral nervous system. ANS is divided into two (2) subsystems namely: Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) and Sympathetic Nervous system. When body naturally regenerates itself and maintains chemical and metabolic balance (Rest and Digest) - Parasympathetic response occurs. When the human body immediately or automatically reacts to a threatening situation (Fight or Flight) - Sympathetic response occurs.


React or just ACT; it's your choice... . A seemingly small skill that's actually huge is the ability to simply act in the face of challenge. . Most people react and get flustered at any hardship. This causes you to lose your cool and slip up strategically. . Life will hit you with some bombs some harder to manage than others. . Times this by 10 if you're building your own path away from society's norms! . Yet and still the most efficient way to get results and stick to the plan is to ACT…