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Alkaline foods help your body heal and stay balanced: Use Pack Balancing from Ringana "The alkaline vegetable-herb mixture" / Buy it in the 24 hour Web Shop. More

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How To Make Your Own Natural Antibiotic

How to Make Your Own Natural Antibiotic. Antibiotic resistance is becoming a really big threat to public safety. This phenomenon occurs when bacteria that has been exposed to antibiotics begin to develop a resistance. This doesn’t occur in individuals, but in the bacteria themselves, making it a health threat to anyone. Luckily, mother nature has a few natural options that can still fight antibacterial-resistant bacteria.

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Eat Alkaline Foods to Maintain a Healthy pH

Don't spend your money on products that promote alkalinity. Spend your money on food and your time on exercise and keeping your mind in a positive place.


Acidic Foods vs Alkaline Foods - which do you eat more of? If you eat more of the foods on the left, you might be eating too much acid. You want to follow an 80/20 alkaline to acid ratio when it comes to what you put in your body.


How to Make the Body More Alkaline

*Health (and beauty) loves a neutral body!* 1. Balancing pH is key to maintaining healthy inner (and outer) environment. pH is about levels of acidity and alkalinity, where a below 7 score indicates acidity and above 7 indicates alkalinity; 2) An Acidic Environment is the Perfect Home for Unwanted Organisms; 3) An Alkaline pH Helps Maintain Bone Mass and Reduces Body Fat; 4) Proper balance helps fight the aging process; 5) Choose the right foods to counter-balance your deficiences.