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Six Teaching Strategies I Couldn't Live Without


Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving

Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving - Student led conversations accountable to the learning content or text is the heart of accountable talk. Accountable talk can be taught and used in any grade level or subject area. The talk bubbles are simply a visual reminder of how people respectfully share opinions, ideas, and thoughts.


Math Talk Teacher poses questions to the students to lead the conversation. By changing the question from "What answer did you get?" to "How did you solve this problem?" the teacher is able to understand how the students are making sense of mathematics.


Accountable Talk Posters

Teach your students to engage in scholarly discussions with accountable talk sentence stems. These stems help your students frame their thoughts in a thoughtful and respectful manner that promotes discussion and strengthens communication skills.


Kid's Math Talk Tools CCSS M.P. #3 construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.