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Collegiate Academic Dishonesty Revisited:What Have They Done, How Often Have They Done It, Who Does It, And Why Did They Do It?

The Left is a bastion of academic dishonesty and hypocrisy

By seeking to obfuscate the pain inflicted by successive Muslim invaders on the majority population, Left historians have done much damage to Indian history.

Harvard Cheating Scandal: Is Academic Dishonesty on the Rise?

What's at Stake in Harvard's Fossil-Fuel Divestment Debate - This isn't a disagreement about tactics or style. It's a collision over what the university's role in social change ought to be.

The Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness: Development of a Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale for Self- and Peer Evaluation. This article presents the latest research on the CATME project to develop a evidence-based peer evaluation system. Available from the SFU library:

Academic Integrity (3:16 min) - Shows different cheating styles. Please avoid using these methods of plagiarism. #Education, Research, Library, Integrate Project, Citations, Plagiarism, Cheating, Academic Dishonesty