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Abyssinian Kitten - The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pedigree cat and was one of those exhibited at the very first cat show held at the Crystal Palace in 1871. It is generally agreed that this breed originated in Egypt, and certainly the ticked coat pattern would have been the perfect camouflage for wild cats living in the dry, scrubby North African habitat.


Abyssinian: The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats but little is known about its real origins. Some think that it is a descendant of the first cats of Egypt as the Abyssinian looks like the cats in Egyptian art and some believe that British soldiers brought a cat from Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia) with them at the end of the Abyssinian war in 1868. - Spoil your kitty at


The Somali is a cat breed created from long-haired Abyssinian cats. The breed appeared in the 1950s from Abyssinian breeding programs when a number of Abyssinian kittens were born with bottle-brush tails and long fluffy coats. Abyssinians and Somalis share similar personalities — intelligent, playful, curious — however Somalis are more relaxed and easygoing than the more active Abyssinians


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