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Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address


American Coin Treasures Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address by American Coin Treasures

American Coin Treasures Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address

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Lincoln Speeches

by Abraham LincolnIntroduction by Allen C. GuelzoNotes by Allen C. Guelzo and Richard Beeman The defining rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln – politician, president, a


gettysburg address text lincoln memorial | On one wall is inscribed the Gettysburg Address.


Lincoln at Gettysburg 11/19/1863 Click pin to access zoomed in view of this photo. In November 1863 Presiden Lincoln came to Gettysburg to dedicate the national cemetery for the Union dead. In his remarks, he paid tribute to the brave men who died there. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, a rhetorical masterpiece delivered in less than three minutes, defined the war as necessary for the survival of the nation and its ideals.