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Why Is Unplanned Pregnancy Treated So Differently To Other Health Problems? | #Feminism #ProChoice | The Clueless Girl's Guide


It's pretty clear that if men were having babies we'd have different polices"…

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Aldous Huxley on Freedom, Propaganda, and the Future of Technology: A Rare and Prophetic 1958 Interview by Mike Wallace

Human life does not cease to exist because they are a "fetus." "Fetus" and "embryo" are merely stages of life. Just like "infant", "toddler", "adolescence", "adulthood", and "elderly/geriatric."

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This Is the Week the US Government Told Poor Women to Fuck Off

Pro-birth, not pro-life. Forcing women to give birth, then demonising them when they need support....


"Banning abortion will not make its practice less frequent, only more dangerous"

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A scientist weighs up the five main anti-abortion arguments

Medical science often invoked on either side of the abortion debate. So what is…

60 Tumblr Threads Of Absolute Random Hilarity [April Edition] : The Lion's Den University


What it should be, if anything, is an eye-opener: perhaps the coverage of contraceptives and enhancement of care and availability of things like Planned Parenthood ought to get a little more attention than senseless debates trying to negate bodily autonomy.

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The Daily Routines of Great Writers

Anaïs Nin, born on this day in 1923, on why emotional excess is essential to creativity