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mynotes4usmle: Abdominal Aorta’s Branches Let’s review this again, shall we? Remember: Lesser curvature: most COMMON site of GASTRIC ULCERS (meaning that, either left -celiac trunk’s branch- or right -proper hepatic artery’s branch- GASTRIC ARTERIES are gonna bleed depending on the ulcer’s location Splenic Artery: longest branch of the Celiac trunk Proper Hepatic Artery: runs through the HEPATODUODENAL LIGAMENT with their friends the Common Bile Duct & the ...

SMA – superior mesenteric artery, CA – celiac artery, K – kink in the aorta, RA – renal arteries, AA – abdominal aorta, IVC – inferior vena cava, LRV- left renal vein, RK – right kidney, LK – left kidney, LTA – left testicular artery, LU – left ureter, IMA – inferior mesenteric artery, ARA – accessory renal artery.

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