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Muslim journalist, 22, poses for Playboy wearing a hijab

Tagouri first gathered attention online after sharing this picture of herself at an ABC 7 desk, captioning it: 'The first hijab wearing news anchor on American television'

Spy Jonathan Pollard freed after 30 years but still a thorn in US-Israeli ties

Opinions about the 61-year-old who passed secrets to US ally are sharply divided – a hero to the Israeli right but to others a traitor who did untold damage

South Sudanese committed 'crimes against humanity'

Both sides in South Sudan's conflict have committed crimes against humanity, including mass killings, sexual slavery and gang-rape, a UN report says. The "widespread and systematic" atrocities were carried out in homes, hospitals, mosques, churches and UN compounds. Security forces in Juba went from house to house rounding up and killing men from a particular ethnic group. Nuer men were urged to meet at the military base to go out and rape Dinka women.

Somalia unrest: Deadly blast in Mogadishu

Somalia unrest: Deadly blast in Mogadishu


Pope 'cannot judge' Cardinal George Pell over sexual abuse allegations

The ABC's 7.30 program aired details of sexual abuse allegations against Cardinal Pell (pictured) last week Cardinal Pell's office issued a statement on Wednesday which said he 'refutes all the allegations made on the program'. The ABC has said it has eight police statements from complainants, witnesses and family members who were involved in the investigation. Cardinal Pell was a priest in Victoria in the 1970s and 1980s before he became the archbishop of Melbourne in 1996.

Ukraine activists 'put explosives in seized building and hold 60'

Home-made: A pro-Russian activist wears a mask today in front of the local government building in Donetsk, which continued to be barricaded despite Ukrainian special forces flushing out activists in a nearby city


A pregnant woman infected with Zika virus among three confirmed cases in New York City

A pregnant woman has been confirmed as being among three people diagnosed with the Zika virus in New York City. There have been four other confirmed Zika cases in New York State, reports ABC 7.

#Watch Live: Trumps first news conference as president elect - WWSB ABC 7: WWSB ABC 7 Watch Live: Trumps first news conference as president…