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Hallmark Christmas movies "Holiday in Handcuffs", If I remember correctly, Melissa forces Mario to be her date or fiancé to her parents' house for Christmas, and of course they fall in love by the end, silly but cute

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Forever 21 Launches Online Only Capsule 2.1

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Community Post: The Definitive Ranking Of ABC Family Original TV Series

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“Baby Daddy” Episodes “The Wheeler And The Dealer” And “New Bonnie Vs. Old Ben” Air On ABC Family June 12, 2013

Dis411 "Baby Daddy" Episodes "The Wheeler And The Dealer" And "New Bonnie Vs. Old Ben" Air On ABC Family June 12, 2013


Observation 2: Introduction Spencer Hastings is a 17 year old teenager from the book turned television series Pretty Little Liars. She lives in Rosewood, PA and attends high school at Rosewood High. Both of her parents are lawyers in the town. She also has an older sister who is in college. Spencer is expected to attend and Ivy League following graduation.


I'm Apollo, I was brought here with my twin nearly fourteen years ago. My powers are the ability to control people, the only reason I don't use it against people is the fact that if I do Artemis gets punished for it. The bright side of that power is the fact that I'm immune to any kind of mind manipulation. I'm not sure if that's an actual ability though since my sister has it too. My other abilities are super strength and flight. The flight things kind of useless since I'm not allowed…