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Wondrous … the spiral minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra. Photograph: Reuters


past the arches, on a journey down to? Isfahan/ Imam(Shah) mosque by HORIZON, via Flickr


The House of wisdom Baghdad. At the House of Wisdom, scholars of many nationalities and religions translated into Arabic, Greek, Persian and Indian works on mathematics, logic, astronomy, philosophy and the exact sciences, and wrote commentaries on those texts as well as original works of their own.

Map of the Byzantine Empire 1025 AD. At the death of the Emperor Basil II in 1025, Byzantium was at the apex of its medieval power. The ninth century had first seen Greece re-conquered and brought under regular Byzantine control. Then, the balance of power on the eastern frontier had slowly but decisively shifted in Byzantium's favour, with tables turned upon the declining Abbasid Caliphate and the Arab 'raiding emirates'. Finally, Basil himself had prevailed in brutal conflict with the…


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Al Aqsa mosque and garden at base of the Mount of Olives cemetery. Jerusalem, ISRAEL.


Abbasid Caliphate were golden coins originated from Central Asia from the 9th century. The coins had writing indicating what each coin had meant on them.


Abbasid Caliphate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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10 Staggering Places From Around The World

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