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Elvis Presley Bible sells for £59,000 at Stockport auction

Elvis Presley's bible that sold for $90,000.

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Kick-Ass (2010)

I put this back on the shelf at the store on three separate visits; it looked dire - about a 15 year would be super hero. I finally rented. RESULT.


I know I've already pinned this, but he is SO BEAUTIFUL on such an ethereal level that I literally stop breathing for a moment when I look at pictures of him. Keep being handsome, Colin. Always be handsome.


((Open RP. Need the roommate. Both guys.)) I sigh in exasperation as I head down the street. My roommate is so obnoxious! He's rude, he's a player, always listens to loud rock music... I mutter in annoyance until I get to a restaurant. All my thoughts fade to happy ones as I look at the building. I'll be meeting my boyfriend for the first time... I wait eagerly and see someone approach. My eyes widen when I see it's my roommate, who looks equally as shocked.


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Unconditional love is loving someone even if you don't particularly like them. It does not mean unconditional trust or unconditionally accepting bad behaviour, a healthy mind will always place boundaries and rightly so. You are simply and purely loving someone with zero expectations. You are very lucky if someone loves you in this way. The notion that conditions A.B +C.. must be met to 'love' someone? think about that. Really think about it.


Aaron Schock quotes quotations and aphorisms #quotes #quotations #aphorisms

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Elvis Presley Biography

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 at Graceland, leaving behind legions of shocked family, friends, and fans. Learn about the King’s tragic death.

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Salted Caramel Affogatos (aka Coffee Floats)

Finally - an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast! Salted Caramel Affogatos are coffee ice cream floats where cold and creamy ice cream meets hot and bitter coffee, complementing each other perfectly when you need a caffeine boost.


There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city. #bioshock #infinite #quotes