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Elvis Presley Bible sells for £59,000 at Stockport auction

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Colour Study 2, Aaron Griffin on ArtStation at

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I cared that Abraham was killed off, then SHOCKED when Glen was killed as told Negan was to kill only one of the group. Will miss both of them.

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Unconditional love is loving someone even if you don't particularly like them. It does not mean unconditional trust or unconditionally accepting bad behaviour, a healthy mind will always place boundaries and rightly so. You are simply and purely loving someone with zero expectations. You are very lucky if someone loves you in this way. The notion that conditions A.B +C.. must be met to 'love' someone? think about that. Really think about it.

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Kick-Ass (2010)

I put this back on the shelf at the store on three separate visits; it looked dire - about a 15 year would be super hero. I finally rented. RESULT.

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I know I've already pinned this, but he is SO BEAUTIFUL on such an ethereal level that I literally stop breathing for a moment when I look at pictures of him. Keep being handsome, Colin. Always be handsome.

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How The Designer Behind Aaron Schock's Office Caught The Attention Of Capitol Hill

Rep. Aaron Schock's New Office

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Oh God, his eyes . . . I feel like Aaron Tveit really IS Enjolras right here. I mean, look in his eyes and you can see the dream, the disillusionment, the dull shock of having just seen all his friends killed, and this sort of calm sad wisdom, like he's suddenly an old man. And . . . and . . . and yep, it's a look like he's suddenly resigned to dying . . . :'(