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DIY wedding desserts. Oreos on a stick. Dip Oreos in white / regular chocolate and cover with sprinkles. Alter white chocolate color with food dye to match wedding theme.

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Stick People Community

Make a Stick Person! Heck, make a Stick Community! Fun, open-ended craft that preschoolers (and toddlers) can do all by themselves, and work on their fine-motor skills at the same time. Plus you get some free DIY dolls to roleplay with at the end! ~ Danya Banya

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bread dough spirals coiled on wood, and then cooked on a camp fire. Sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar and wala!!! Cinnamon rolls on a stick!

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How To Make A Stick Raft (#43)

How To Make A Stick Raft (not that I needed instructions but the resident toad might enjoy a ride round he pond)

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How To Make A Stick Picture Frame

Forest Craft: How To Make A Picture Frame With Sticks @MaryAnn Nesbit I feel like we did this for craft day. And then hung them in the apartment.

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How to make straw panpipes out of straws, a stick, and some tape. Bonus craft! Post also includes instructions for paper-cup shakers.

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