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"Only goal as a Mother:Raise children that don't have to recover from their childhood.

from Etsy

A Mother's Treasure - Mom and Daughter Art - Art for Moms - Inspirational Art for Women - Just Like You

My mum is called Katie and she likes going shopping shouting and swearing at my daddy sometimes I like to cuddle close to her when we are watching a Christmas film and she puts me milk in my hot chocolate because it's to hot I love my mummy


"as bereaved mothers, our deepest cry and longing is for our motherhood to be honored and recognized. for {all} our children, in heaven or on earth, to be remembered." | 'still a mother', angela miller [THIS. all of this beautiful piece.]


Grown means nothing to a mother. A child is a child, They get bigger, older, but grown? In a mother's heart each will ALWAYS be her baby. <3

from Mail Online

Can I lend you a trunk? Devoted mother elephant rescues her baby from the mud

A mother struggles to save her son. (Marina Cano / Solent News via Rex USA) Elephants are so selfless...and they mourn for their dead family members (even carry their bones around with them...they may have gone long distances but recognize their family's bones!) for a while. It's so sad to see, but fascinating, too. :(