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I love my four beautiful puppies so much they mean the world to me and I would do anything for them!!!!;)

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Grumpus Organic Baby Bodysuit

I love netball, as it is something very prominent in my life, and I love team spirit and being in a team. I also love the girl power theme of this pin, as I feel like it is very empowering for young girls like me and has a very positive message.

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A slight pink theme for any girls office that has a slight liking for pink like me but wants a minimalistic clean office

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Handsome heroes from period dramas

Fitzwilliam Darcy (portrayed by Matthew MacFadyen). Oh what a girl would give to have him approach her in the mist

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Canadian teen got a detention for wearing a halter dress

Canadian teen got a detention for wearing a halter dress

The rules are the same in my school. We are not allowed to have small straps or open back dresses because it is considered inappropriate for the other students. As much as I would like to protest against this, I do not own the self confidence to do so.

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Amy Winehouse--before you're all like "Why is this on your role models board amy wasn't a good role model" it's on here because she's a music role model for me. i love different aspects of each of my role models. nobody's perfect amy was a great artist

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This picture portrays eating disorder by showing a prison cell with a TRAPPED prisoner unable to escape but is staring at light and FREEDOM so close but out of reach. The silhouette is STOOPED in a forlorn manner.

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I was bought some hair rollers today, giving this a little whirl

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