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9 Month Growth Spurt

Puppy's CRAZY Growth Spurt Captured In Photos

Look at this incredible series of photos from proud pet owner Ashley Lewis, showing what time and love does to a dog. In only 6 months, her lil' 8-week-old German shepherd blossomed from a wee puppy who could easily fit her arms to a hulking big puppy who probably has trouble fitting on the couch.

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These Powerful Photos Show The Dangers of Judging Girls By Their Clothes

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Top 100 Marketing Trends in April

Don’t Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes: A brilliant ad campaign created for Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss human rights organization focusing on gender equality and feminism, reminds us that the worth of a woman should never be measured by something like the neckline of her blouse or height of her heels.

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On the Streets - A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art 25 August 2013

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Duchess - 9 months. 64 pounds and just started another growth spurt >.<

Less Than One Year Old Dress

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Couple document their dog's extraordinary growth spurt in photos

Growth spurt: An Australian couple has seen their photo series documenting their German Shepherd's growth from eight weeks to eight months go viral

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9 Month Old Gavin

Exquisite White Gavin Doherty Irish Dance Dress Solo Costume For Sale