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On this day 13th September, 1940 Buckingham Palace was bombed during the Blitz, on 16 separate occasions bombs were dropped on the palace, nine of which were direct hits ( Photo:Bomb damage outside Buckingham Palace, September 1940)

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A 9/11 Worker Recounts Seeing a Female Ghost at Cleanup Site

A+9/11+Worker+Recounts+Seeing+a+Female+Ghost+at+Cleanup+Site -

A bus is left leaning against the side of a building in the aftermath of a German bombing raid on London in the first days of the Blitz, 9th September 1940. (Photo by H. F. Davis/Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Photographer's pics show the horror and confusion of 9/11

Never forget: Penman says it's important that people never forget what happened…


Joel Meyerowitz , "the only photographer to be granted unimpeded access to Ground Zero after September 13, 2001, Meyerowitz takes a meditative stance toward the work and workers there, systematically documenting the painful work of rescue, recovery, demolition and excavation. The US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs asked the Museum of the City of New York and Meyerowitz to create a special exhibition of images from the archive, to send around the world"


9-11 aftermath. This is why we went to war. There really was a GOOD reason. We couldn't allow this to go unpunished

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Thousands set to claim compensation as federal government says there IS a link between toxic dust from 9/11 aftermath and up to 50 types of cancer

There IS a link between toxic dust from 9/11 aftermath and up to 50 types of cancer, federal government to acknowledge as thousands set to claim compensation Read more: