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While growing up in the 60's and 70's....8 track tapes were the latest and greatest source for music!


8 Track Tapes - Had to pay extra to have an 8-Track player in your car. Standard option was AM Radio


Columbia Record Club allowed you to choose whether you wanted you music sent to you in the form of reel to reel tape, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, or 12 LP vinyl records


Here is a great condition, working 8-Track player and recorder, complete with tapes from The Beatles, Elvis & more! This plays great, and even has a headphone jack. All tapes have been tested, and work. The Record feature also works. The player could probably use a good head cleaning, just because of age, but it still sounds great…


I only had three 8 track tapes that I kept in my beat up Chevy where my eight track player was. No radio. All three were Keith Green albums. O how I loved driving that clunker singing along to keith green wherever I went!

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Gravador. Quando vi, não pude deixar de lembrar da minha infância, pois brincava muito como isso (e eu nem sou tão velha assim).