We did it! At 10 months actual age and 7 months corrected, our little preemie babe born at 27 weeks is sitting up independently! It took some time obviously, but my goodness – is being able to sit up ever a game changer! And not only for him and his play either… For

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Enough people have asked me for it, so here it finally is! A detailed sample menu on what I usually feed my son with baby-led weaning. Before I start, I need to make several things very clear. I am…

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Banana Toast-I made this for Graham at 7 months old. It was simple to do and he seemed to like it, ate a few bites each time I gave it to him (which was what he was doing with most food at this point)

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What foods should you be giving your baby at 4 months? At 7 months? Check out our guide which breaks it all down for new parents.

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Super vegetable baby puree - super food for babies suitable from the age 6 month - 7 months, suitable for freezing

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'Spaghetti messy sensory play' we cooked some spaghetti & then cooled it off in cold water and placed it into a container. We sat baby Noah (7 months) on some old towels and let him explore the spaghetti, he loved it. (A packet of value spaghetti only cost approx 40p)

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