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Banana Toast-I made this for Graham at 7 months old. It was simple to do and he seemed to like it, ate a few bites each time I gave it to him (which was what he was doing with most food at this point)

Top 10 Ideas For 7 Month Baby Food
from MomJunction

Top 10 Ideas For 7 Month Baby Food

Congratulations! Your baby is now 7 months old. Thinking which foods you can offer your baby at this stage? Here is our list of ideas for 7 month baby food


A few weeks ago Chickadee turned six months old. Half a year already and we are almost to month 7! It is amazing how quickly time is flying by...sometimes I just want to freeze time! On the eve of ...

from Alice and Lois

Finger Foods and Smoothie Pops for Babies

We're sharing our go-to finger foods lineup for babies today along with some of our favorite smoothie pop recipes especially for the little ones.