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Banana Toast-I made this for Graham at 7 months old. It was simple to do and he seemed to like it, ate a few bites each time I gave it to him (which was what he was doing with most food at this point)


This was such a winner with my baby when she was around 7 months old (and still is actually!). Sweet potato is so good for our children’s immune and digestive systems and broccoli is a classic ‘health food’ which aids the development of your baby’s bones, skin and heart. I mash these veggies with coconut oil as this tastes great and helps their bodies absorb and utilise the beneficial properties of the vegetables.


'Spaghetti messy sensory play' we cooked some spaghetti & then cooled it off in cold water and placed it into a container. We sat baby Noah (7 months) on some old towels and let him explore the spaghetti, he loved it. (A packet of value spaghetti only cost approx 40p)


Sleep training

I'm currently in the process of sleep training my 7-month-old son.


Sample Baby Schedule - 8 Months Old