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:::Penguin::: "Hey, I'm Luke. I'm 19 and a reject of this city. I don't like cliques so I'm by myself. I don't really "like" to be around people either at the moment(bad past) I'm not outgoing around others. I'm depressed which makes me more of a loner. I sing for 5SOS and I will don't some meet and greats, but my face isn't actually happy at them. See you around. Come say hi if you're brave...."

from the Guardian

5 Seconds of Summer: 'Not cool enough?... I mean, what is that about?'

Soo, 5SOS are coming here in a few days.... And I could alrwady hear my friend's heart shattering. I didn't get tickets because I don't know most of their songs, but I like their songs on the radio. Guys, comment what your favorite song from them is and I'll give it a listen when I have time! Thanks!


This will be me in June! I'm so happy even though it's so far. The thing is that I have lawn seats so I won't really be able to see them.


"hi, i'm luke! i'm nineteen. i'm in a band, so i really like music. i'm really bubbly and i like to party." i grin. "introduce?"


When I was at the jingle ball I looked at my mom while amnesia was playing "they are real people?, this is real?" And then Michael causally comes and stands on the stage like 6 feet away from me and I died<< Lucky!!!