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when i watched the behind the scenes vid, right afterwards, i was watching the hey everybody video for like 20 hours just laughing every time i saw luke because in reality he is saying this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Never tell someone it's just a band because to them it will always be more. It means the music that saved her/him. The band members that made them smile when no one else could. It's the family they made. It's the joy, the excitement, the tears, the love, the fans, the dreams.

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That's for any and every band that has EVER saved your life. No matter heavy metal or pop or folk or bluegrass or new age or even rock alternative. THAT ALSO GOES FOR NICKLEBACK. PROBLEM?

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This made me think about the future, and how he'll get married, have children and move on.

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Didn't think it was possible to just continue getting cuter as you age... They've proved me very wrong.

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Not Good Enough *MUKE* - 0.9