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Citrus, Lemon Dwarf - Citrus limon 'Meyeri'. I just bought this for my home, I can't wait to get it! $15 which includes shipping!

from Mail Online

Family's power bill falls to just $40 using Tesla solar power

Per day, the latest bill accounts for an average of just 59 cents for their power, down from almost $5 (Mr Pfitzner is pictured with his bills)

from Mail Online

USS Forrestal is sold for ONE CENT and will be turned into scrap metal

USS Forrestal (CV-59), I remember it had a terrible incident when a sea sparrow missile went awry and caused a fire off Viet-Nam which nearly destroyed the ship.


Build a locker for kids backpacks , grab a old book shelf and lay sideways add smaller shelves and baskets to the bottom and I did the wood craft boxes to make it taller for shoes just screw to the bottom and the 59 cent wood from home depot is the backing just need to nail it 1 at a time

'Green Hills, Cornwall' by Christopher Wood, 1928 (oil on canvas)


Grow mint from cuttings too! Don't buy the three dollar plant from Home Depot, buy the 59 cent cuttings from the grocery store and put it in water!