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529 Plan Rules

from Sublimely Fit

Motivation Monday, 8.11.14

Goal setting-I Live by this!!! Not just plan SMART, but also set SMART Expectations for your team!. At JAMSO we prefer the SMARTER model (Ethical/enjoyable and Rewarding/review) JAMSO helps business in #goalsetting , KPI Management and Business Intelligence solutions.


33 percent of parents and grandparents believe that a 529 plan is not considered when determining financial aid eligibility. See if they're right.

Here are the six most misunderstood 529 plan rules and the facts to set you straight.

Familiarize yourself with the 529 plan rules for taking withdrawals from your account and avoid these six mistakes.


Avoid these 529 withdrawal traps

Proposed 529 Plan Rule Changes Would Remove Tax-Free Component


Not All Expenses Covered by 529 Plans--Great explanation on what you can consider as expenses!!

Avoid These 529 Withdrawal Traps