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This little sweetie pie is another one of my Grow With Me Babies!!  Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the little ones grow.  Ryleigh turned 6 months and soon I’ll be seeing her again for her 9 month session! Yay to more fun with Miss Jill.  Ryleigh get ready for some outdoor fun for …


Andy Granatelli with Parnelli Jones and the STP-Paxton Turbine Car which came within just a few miles of winning the 1967 Indianapolis 500.


Carteles de carreras. 100 años de publicidad


Jim Clark : Champion du Monde des Pilotes en 1963 et 1965 sur Lotus, et vainqueur des 500 Miles d'Indianapolis en 1965, également sur Lotus.


1912 Empire Runabout - Empire Motor Car Company made cars in Indianapolis from 1906-1919. There is also an Empire automobile that was made by Greenville Metal Products from 1912-1919 in Greenville, PA. This car is from the former company and is known as "The Little Aristocrat" with its 4 cylinder, 20hp engine & "mother-in-law" seat at the rear. The founders of this automobile marque also founded the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and built the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910!


Top Attractions in Indianapolis

Indianapolis 500, Speedway, Indiana, USA - Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines for the world’s largest single-day spectator sporting event, where speed &skill rule the day