Individual triggers chart to use with students. Numbered 1-5 from bottom (happy) to top (angry) with simple statements, symbol style image support and space for writing possible triggers. A4 size but could be resized if necessary. The two versions are identical except for the skin tone used on the images

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The 5-Point Scale - great tool for regulation/monitoring feelings and reactions

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a simple and visual way for students to understand what triggers them and what their "process" looks like, which helps to identify ways of cooling down.

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You are looking at the new Math Curriculum EUREKA Also known as Engage New York This is a First Grade Assessment to give your students a test on Module 5 Topic AAttribute of Shapes I am putting the PDF copy , if you want the editable version on word so you can put in your own points values and grading scales to follow your district.

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The 5 Point Scale of Prompting tool can be used as a resource for teachers who often wonder how to prompt students successfully. Displayed as a 5 point scale, teachers should begin prompting with the lowest level possible and move up the scale as the student requires it. Easy to use with examples of each prompting type included. Access it when providing instructions or assigning independent work activities.

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This daily behavior chart is in word format and can be easily edited to fit your daily schedule and student. . The icon can be edited to be whatever motivates your student. There is an 5-point scale that can be edited to target and level your student's behaviors.

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Five Point Behavior on the link provided in the comments section. Once at the website click on the 'emotions' picture it will then connect you to some great visuals for emotions

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During my Wave Riders workshop tonight I mentioned that I would post information and links to the websites about the Incredible 5 Point Scale. This is a great tool to help boys learn to assess and ...

Download printable here: MyDailyCheckInChartAStrategytoAddressChallengingClassroomBehavior Download includes an example of a child at each stage and a blank chart to personalize it for your own chi…

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