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(Open RP? Be Instagram? I'm DeviantArt, they all go to school together) I sat at a desk in the library, doodling in the corner of my math homework when I heard a quick footsteps behind me, followed by the cheerful voice of Twitter. "So, I heard that you and Instagram were a thing now." I looked up at her with shock "What? Me and... No." She rolled her eyes and smirked "Come on! I hear Tumblr is calling it DeviantGram." She bounced off and I heard a deeper voice behind me "Talking about me?"


There has been a massive leak for the upcoming final and 24th episode of the anime adaptation of Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro’s Akame ga Kill! manga, which is scheduled to air on Saturday the 14th of December. A user of 4chan’s anime board has revealed that the entire storyboard for the episode has been leaked and is now available online.


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If you were wondering what stage the 2016 Presidential Campaign had reached, the answer is politicized meme explanations. Social media and the internet have taken on a bigger role than ever in this...

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