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By @fret__ 1. Part the hair however you want too. The front can be a flat twist, braid or what ever you want it to be. Create two twists on each side and secure them in the center of your head 2. Separate the back into two columns and turn each column into three sections. (Left A, Right A, left B, right B, left C and right C). Take left A and hold the ends down to the right. 3. Take right A and hold it down over left A. 4. Take left B and hold it over right A. And take right B and hold it…

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Natural Hair Products: 50 Black Hairstyles Gurus Reveal Best Hair Products

Love this style... Simple but cute protective natural hair styles, afro, #hair #afrohair #mediumlengthhair

from Black Hair OMG!

4 Natural Hair Breakage Treatment Tips Levels of Hair Breakage and How to Fix Damage from Moisture Deficiency in Natural Hair More

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15 UNIQUE Natural Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Shower mirror. CHECK. Ribbon hair ties. CHECK. Perm rods for my twisted ends. CHECK! These other hacks seem to be helpful. I will try them out :)