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Taurus Judge is solid. This version will fire the .410, .45 LR, and .454 Casull rounds. And each will fire various styles of ammo for whatever effect you are looking for. Many guys have these for fishing or being out in bear country to either kill Rattlers or deterre bears.


top to bottom. Marlin 1895SBL, 45-70. Marlin 1895GBL, 45-70. Puma/ Leg 92, 454 Casull Marlin 336SDG, 30-30. Marlin 1894, 357mag (1971)


2016 Handgun of the Year: Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk in .454 Casull/.480 Ruger


Freedom Arms .454 Casull Single-action Revolver ! Talk about your 'Big Bang Theory'!


Detailed drawings of Han Solo belt if you're doing a Han Solo costume....I will cosplay Han eventually


Ruger Alaskan .44 magnum. Also check out the Ruger Alaskan .454 Casull - Bear defense.


Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Toklat .454 Casull

This 45 magnum is one of the symbols of the story. Blanche had a husband when she was really young and she loved him very much. But the husband of her's was actually gay, but thought if he would stay with Blanche, then maybe his sexuality could change. When Blanche saw her husband and some other guy in bed, she was shocked but thought it as it didn't happen. So they went to the casino and Blanche yelled at her gay husband who later then shot himself because of guilt.All of this relates the…

Luigi Franchi Safari 13, with a .454 casull revolver over a single shot .30-06 (hoax)