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Oobleck! Science Activity Preschool - 3 rd grade, provides measurement, pouring, mixing along with sensory. SC.1.41 Use a variety of " scientific tools" (e.g., balance scales, magnifying glass, measuring cups, food coloring) to investigate the environment and to gather information. SC.1.87 Manipulate objects.

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Used this bulletin board for March. Whenever each child did an act of kindness, I wrote it up and posted it up! Aside from St. Patrick's Day, I used the opportunity to celebrate kindness in the classroom. The parents loved reading them and the kids loved hearing about what I wrote about them!

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Gingerbread Man Sight Word Game

Free gingerbread sight word game for kindergarten or first grade! I love that it's editable - you could practice any words under the sun.

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January Common Core Fun Printables from Kadeen Whitby Shop on (62 pages)

Telling Time Poster

This poster displays everything your students need to know about telling time. It displays the hours as well as the minutes. I included the words "o'clock, quarter past, half past, and quarter to." I put a line on the clock that represents when a child would use the term "past" and "to." The minute and hour hands are labeled.*Credit for border is in PDF.

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