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What am I? Naming 3D shapes - Support the learning of shape names and properties with this worksheet.


Great Freebie! 3D Shapes Pictures that can be used to sort or can be made into a poster that the class can help decide where it fits best.


This 3D Shapes game is a super fun way to learn! Matching representations, names, real-life examples and descriptions will give your kids great practice with 3D shapes!


I introduced the solids. We talked about the types of surfaces (such as curved, flat, points, etc.) I passed around the solids so they could touch them having say the name of the solid as they did so. Then we sorted pictures by the type of solid they were.


Our 5 favorite preK math worksheets

Here's a page where students are asked to write the name of 3-D shapes. Includes a word bank.


3-D Shapes

Use this cut and paste activity to help your students classify and name three dimensional shapes. Shapes included: sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone. Great addition to use with the popular YouTube song!


9.A.ECa Rec ognize and name common two- and three-dimensional shapes and describe some of their attributes (e.g., number of sides, straight or curved lines Emily - This is a visual that I would keep in my classroom to help students see what types of shapes are 2D and 3D.