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3 D Sketch Paper Carving Lamp , find more creative prints here. Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?


Versatile, downloadable 3D printed joints for customized DIY furniture

It is available to download the stl files of the hole collection: basic question driving my project is how we can make use desktop printers as best as we can in our homes. This is a ve…


3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Decor

Called 'lace lamps,' these light fixtures were made on a 3D printer, and are just one example of a new wave in 3D printed home decor.


Real Möbius Gear Will Melt Your Mind

Real Möbius Gear Will Melt Your Mind: This Möbius gear is absolutely mind-bending, and almost impossible to describe. It’s a toothed gear that only has one side, made by Berkeley robotics student Aaron Hoover using various 3-D printing methods. He was puzzling over an animation of such a gear in action and convinced himself that it could be made in real life. He turned out to be right.


Stunning 3D-Printed Faucets Completely Rethink How Water Flows

Stunning 3D-printed faucets from American Stand completely rethink how water flow. #3dprinting #design


3-D Printed Atlas - This guy made a sculpture of Portal 2's Atlas using a 3-D printer. Lots of work, but the result is pretty cool.

3 - 3D printed textiles hit the runway at New York Fashion Week | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News


Slick Trick Adds Much-Needed Shine to 3-D Printed Parts

This is a really cool trick that has been developed to give printed models a nice glossy finish as opposed to the rough layered texture the printing gives.


These Wireframe Animal Heads Are Both Beautiful and Wildlife-Friendly

3-D Printed Stag Sculpture - De oplossing voor mensen die een hert aan de muur willen, maar tegen dierengeweld zijn. Dit hert is heel erg realistisch, terwijl het heel modern is door de geraamte. Het hert is opgebouwd uit allemaal rechte lijnen, ribben. De rechte lijnen zijn in elkaar gevlochten tot een realistisch beeld. Het hert is hol en daardoor modern en strak. De witte kleur zorgt ervoor dat het lijkt alsof het hert zijn kop door de muur steekt. Een kloppend geheel.