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Blender is a free 3-D software that lets you create whatever model you want. Its difficulty is based on how well you know the hot keys. I like to use this program a lot with Garry's Mod to see how well I can make body armor or some kind of car part. I spend most of my time learning more about blender and what I can do with it.


How 3D Printers Work (Infographic)


How 3-D Modeling Software Has Changed the Practice of Design

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How 3D Printers Work (Infographic)

How 3D Printers Work (Infographic).


3Dを誰でも手軽にスマホだけで作れるアプリ「123D Catch」は、自在に回転・拡大・縮小可能な3Dグラフィックを作り出せる

Title: The Skipper Name: Matt Thorup Country: United States Software: ZBrush Keyshot Photoshop Submitted: 9th July 2015 This started as a lunch crunch, and then I had way too much fun testing out some new techniques with fibermesh in ZBrush. Concept from a wonderfully talented young artist b...


Skyrim Daedric armor replica cosplay suit 3-D paper model patterns to build your own

My own model and unfold. Make your own high detailed armor suit to wear. “You are NOT buying the finished model - you are buying the plans and Do It Yourself guides to create your own. Also included *.pdo (for pepakura papercraft) *.stl, *3.ds, *.obj files of 3-D model for 3-D printer, *.PDF - for MAC users. You will get the parcel with patterns on CD and special software(free version, not included in price) , than after set up software,you will be able to see three-dimensional model and…