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Tree that I made in my classroom. It's bulletin board paper all scrunched up. It's stuffed to make it 3-D. We call it the peaceful tree. Children are encouraged to sit by the tree when they are in trouble, sad, angry, tired, etc. There is a library & clipboards for kids to write/draw their feelings.

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Bulletin Board idea--box of crayons 3-D art. Use a cardboard box. Rolled construction paper for the crayons.

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Building a Periodic Table ... and more

Students assemble, color, and complete a giant (42.5 x 21.5 inches) 3-D Periodic Table with fold out flaps for each element.

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Como hacer una tarjeta infantil para el dia de la madre

Handmade Mother's Day Cards for Kids: 3-D Flowers. #tombow 's MONO Multi Liquid Glue would be perfect for this card!

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