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Labyrinthine (adj) Origin- labyrinth, fabled maze in crete Definition- full of confusing passageways; intricate; complicated


All was calm on the mountainside

A quick look at lighting and particles effects in Alto's Adventure, an upcoming game for iOS. Captured realtime in Unity3D. Join the adventure on twitter: @altosadventure

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Here comes the Noddy-style car set to put the fun back into motoring


the blade itself is very unique and very well designed and truly looks as though it has been forged from the pits of hell. however the length and thickness of the handle is in my opinion far too short and thin. also the small bit that comes off of the bottom of the blade next to the handle is useless and ruins the look of the sword slightly.

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Oh, So The Phantom's Still Alive Then

I glare at the dragon and draw my sword. "All I need to do is kill it...." I mutter to myself. Simple, right? I'd never been good with killing things, but I was born into a family of hunters so this kind of thing is my life. I slowly set down my sword and try to get away, realizing I'm up against a wall. The beast opens it's mouth to burn it's prey to a crisp, when it falls and I see one of my siblings. "What are you doing here?" I snap. "I was alone." (Open rp)