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Real Guns - Ruger's SP101 327 Federal Magnum

Custom Ruger New Bearcat - Single Action Service in 327 Federal Magnum Cartridge

Ruger SP101 in .327 Federal Magnum, ruger SP101, ruger sp101 327 federal magnum

Real Guns - Ruger's  Seven Shot GP100 327 Federal Magnum


Ruger's LCR Revolver, now available in .327 Federal Magnum, features a concealed hammer to minimize snagging during concealed carry.

Ruger Single Seven 327 Federal Magnum Stainless 4-5/8"

Ruger's (@rugerfirearms) Single-Seven .327 Federal Magnum is the ultimate trail gun. Are you wondering what the other reasons are? Head on over to the link below to find out! | Click here: |

from Gun Digest

Ruger's Red-Hot, Versatile Single Seven .327 Federal Magnum

Ruger's new Single Seven appear to be a red-hot revolver, chambered in the hard-hitting .327 Federal Magnum.

from Gun Digest

Photo Gallery: 25 Rugged Ruger Revolvers

Ruger revolvers are famous for their strength and durability. From the new Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers, here are 25 tough-as-nails factory and custom Ruger wheelguns.